Download Ethica to Become a Citizen Scientist

ANDROID USERS: Go to the Google Play Store and search for "ETHICA"

iPhone USERS: Go to App Store and search for "ETHICA "

1. Click to download Ethica and sign up by providing your email address


2. On your screen, you will see a plus sign (+). Click on this and enter ONE  of the following study IDs: 327, 328, 329, or 330.

3. You will see an informed consent page. Please read it, provide consent, and enter your background information to register.
















      You are now ready to become a Citizen Scientist!


       What's next?

  • Ethica will prompt you to accept notifications and provide access to your activity and location for 8 days. Please provide this access for us to understand how people move. All data are encrypted and will be kept confidential. 
  • Go to the Ethica settings and make sure you select upload data via “WiFi ONLY”,  and upload only while "Charging".

  • At the end of the first day, you will receive a citizen scientist certificate via the Ethica app. Please take a screenshot of this certificate to your local YMCA to get your free 1-week transferable pass worth $25.

  • Every evening for 8 days (around 8 PM), you will receive short surveys which will expire around midnight. Please complete these surveys before going to bed.

  • You will always see a “Take your Picture!” icon on your App screen, which will allow you to take pictures of your surroundings that make you active or sedentary. 

  • You will also receive random notifications to take pictures of barriers and facilitators of physical activity in your daily life.


  • After 8 days, your participation for the season ends, and no data would be collected from your phone. You would be contacted before the next data collection cycle to scope your interest in being a citizen scientist again.


  • You can leave the study any time you like by going to the settings section. 

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